'Fuego' is the number 1 streamed song of Eurovision 2018

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Still burning on the charts, Eleni Foureira's 'Fuego' is the number 1 streamed song of Eurovision 2018.

Spotify recently released the rankings of all Eurovision 2018 songs, and at number one was 'Fuego' with 48,170,949 streams during and after the Eurovision song contest. In second place was Michael Schulte's 'You Let me Walk Alone' with 30,216,260 streams. The winner of the 2018 Eurovision, Netta came in at third with 28,610,295 for her song 'Toy'.

Eleni Foureira lit the stage up on fire with her hot performance of 'Fuego' at the Eurovision song contest in May this year. She belted out the lyrics and moved like Beyonce for an unbelievable and jaw dropping performance, which put her through as one of the favourites in the finals.

Eleni said the song is about female empowerment and she wants "to show the fire that women have inside them."