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| On 2 years ago

Athens bakers create largest Vasilopita measuring 15 metres long (PICS)


The Baker’s Union of Athens, Proasti and Peristeri along with the Municipality of Peristeri celebrated the New Year by creating the largest Vasilopita, on December 30, 2018, at the Town Hall Square at Peristeri Metro Station.

The Vasilopita measuring 15 metres long and weighing 3,000 kilos, was created by more than 30 local Athenian bakeries, with all the experienced bakers beginning their mission in the early hours of the morning.

True to tradition, over 200 coins were placed inside the Vasilopita, which was then cut in the afternoon by Mayor Andreas Pachatouridis, in the presence of thousands of citizens from Peristeri and Attica, who of all received a piece of Vasilopita and 200 citizens were the lucky coin receivers.

To complete the large New Year pie, bakers required the following ingredients: 1,200 kg flour, 600 kg margarine, 470 kg sugar, 440 kg yoghurt, 160 kg powder, 60 kg baking powder, 470 eggs, 750 oranges, 40 kg oil, 60 kg cognac and  1.5 boxes of vanilla.


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