Snow set to hit Athens, Thessaloniki and Greek islands over next 24 hours



A very cold front named “Raphael” has swept across Greece and as of tomorrow, a low barometric pressure named “Sophia” is said to hit the country creating snowfall in Athens, Thessaloniki and on the Greek islands.

Meteorologists are reporting that a "polar express" will cause very cold temperatures and heavy snowfall from Thursday the 3rd of January until the 10th of January.


According to reports, Western Macedonia will reach a historical record low temperature of -17 degrees Celcius, with locals getting their winter warms ready for the drop.

From the very first hours of Thursday morning, the cold snap will be felt in most areas of central and northern Greece.

The very cold front is said to be entering the country from the north and the snowfall will sweep across Central Greece to Macedonia and Thrace.

Many of the Ionian and central and northern Aegean islands will also receive snow even at very low altitudes.

In Thessaloniki, it is almost certain that it will snow from Thursday onward and in Attica, they are predicting snowfall especially in places of about 300 meters elevation and higher.