Greek minimum wage to see increase in 2019

euros money

euros money

The Tsipras government plans to increase the Greek minimum wage in the New Year as part of its series of measures aiming to boost the income of Greek citizens.

Government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos mentioned the initiative during an interview on Sunday with Greek news agency ANA.

Tzanakopoulos told ANA that in the post-programme era, the government has been facing significant political and institutional challenges but is planning to implement further positive measures aimed at relieving and supporting Greek society.

"This government has managed to take the country out of the memoranda and stabilise the economy while providing social support," Tzanakopoulos noted, and added that the current parliamentary configuration guarantees that the SYRIZA-led coalition will complete the four-year term.

Regarding the Prespes Agreement, Tzanakopoulos told ANA that it resolves the issues at stake in a manner that is balanced, fair and beneficial to Greek interests. He also expressed his certainty that all progressive political forces will "not let this historical opportunity go to waste," and that based on the expressed opinions of all political players an absolute majority can be reached.

On the Novartis case, Tzanakopoulos said it was a massive political scandal that caused "tremendous financial damage to the Greek state", adding that political responsibility lies with the ministers in charge during that period.

"The question is now to investigate whether the actions leading to the damaging result were also illegal," he stated, and criticised parties from the "old political system" for "mobilising every possible means and inventing the most outrageous arguments" in order to protect the system from total collapse.