Proud Evzones perform their daily duties under snowy conditions (PICS)


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While many Athenians stayed home yesterday as schools, courts and many offices remained closed due to the low temperatures and snowfall, Greece’s pride and joy, the Evzones continued their daily duties guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Syntagma Square.

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*Image by Eurokinnisi

Greece’s Presidential Guard arrived for their services in a jeep and were helped by fellow soldiers who held their arms to ensure they did not slip on the marble walkway, which was icy and wet.

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*Image by Eurokinnisi

They also departed in the army jeep, which was there to help them through the cold snap, with temperatures dropping to zero degrees in the country’s capital city.

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Rain, hail, or shine, Evzones must perform their daily duties all year round and when the temperatures drop, they are allowed to wear a special blue cape to try to keep them as warm as possible, as they stand still for the entire service.

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The Evzones proved their determination and pride for serving their country as each one braved the snow and icy conditions and performed their duties with poise and strength.

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