Family releases 2 new tracks by the late and much loved Pantelis Pantelidis


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Pantelis Pantelidis, one of the most loved young Greek singers of his time, who tragically passed away nearly three years ago, still lives through his music.

And his family recently released two new tracks, “Αχ Και Να ‘Ξερα Που Να ‘ Σα” and “Κάνε Τα Πάντα Απόψε” by record company Minos EMI/Universal. 

Sitting on his bed, strumming a guitar and singing “Κάνε Τα Πάντα Απόψε” with an angelic voice, Pantelis’ YouTube video went viral and made his name known in the Greek music scene.  

Even with so much popularity and success, Pantelis’ remained humble and retained his simplicity and authentic way of writing. 

The music and lyrics of “Αχ Και Να ‘Ξερα Που Να ‘ Σα” and “Κάνε Τα Πάντα Απόψε” are written by Pantelis. The songs will be on the new album titled “Αχ Και Να ‘Ξερα Πού Να ‘Σα” will was released on December 20th by Minos EMI/Universal and will feature  other songs released by the singer after his death, including “Πάλι Πάλι”, “Θυμάμαι”, “Καράβια Στο Βυθό” and “Άλλη Μια Ευκαιρία”, just to name a few. 

In February 2019, it will be three years since the passing of Pantelis.

In a relatively short but incredibly successful career, Pantelis left his mark on the music industry. When audiences listen to his songs, there is a feeling that Pantelis is still among us. 


“Αχ Και Να ‘Ξερα Που Να ‘ Σα” Lyrics 

Με συγχωρείς για την ενόχληση

Μα θέλω να μιλήσω

Χρόνια περάσανε πολλά

Μα να με θυμηθείς θα προσπαθήσω

Αν σου διαφεύγει τ’ όνομά μου 

Δεν θα σε παρεξηγήσω

Μα είχα ανάγκη να σου πω τι έγινε μετά

Είχες χτυπήσει δυνατά την πόρτα

Κι ούτε μια ματιά πίσω δεν έριξες

Και πέθαινα αργά

Αχ και να ‘ξερα που να ‘σαι

Σε ποια αγκαλιά κοιμάσαι

Που γυρνάς κι αν φοβάσαι

Κι ας μην μ’ αγαπάς

Η καρδιά μου είναι δικιά σου

Το κορμί μου στη φωτιά σου

Αχ και να ‘μουνα κοντά σου να με τυραννάς.

“Αχ Και Να ‘Ξερα Που Να ‘ Σα” Lyric Translation

Will you forgive me for bothering you

but I want to talk to you

A lot of years have passed

but for you to remember me I will try

If you forget my name

I won't confuse you

But I had a need to tell you what happened afterwards

You had slammed the door shut

and you didn't even look back

and I died slowly

Ah if only I knew where you were,

in whose arms you are sleeping in

where you go and if you are scared

and if you don't love me

My heart is yours

my body in your flames

Ah if I was close to you for you to torture me

“Κάνε Τα Πάντα Απόψε” Lyrics 

Με μια ματιά συστήθηκες, μ’ ένα άγγιγμα μιμήθηκες

Ό,τι είχα ονειρευτεί

Λυπάμαι δεν κατάφερες , να καταλάβεις

Σβήνεις, καις γιατί ήσουνα ικανή

Κάνε τα πάντα απόψε

Βρες τρόπο κι έλα δώσε 

χαμόγελο ζωής

Ή τσάκισε και κόψε

πως μ’ έκανες απόψε

Δεν θα ‘θελα να δεις.

Μια ματιά αρνήθηκες ένα άγγιγμα μιμήθηκες

Και χάθηκες τρελή

Ένα τραγούδι έμεινε μα αν θέλεις πες το κι έγινε

Στιγμή αληθινή

“Κάνε Τα Πάντα Απόψε” Lyric Translation

You introduced yourself with one look, with one touch you imitated

Everything I had dreamed

I'm sorry that you weren't able to understand

I quit because you are capable

Do everything tonight

Find a way and come give

A smile of life 

Or crush and leave me

How you made me feel tonight

I don’t want you to see 

With one look you rejected, with one touch you imitated

And you became crazy

One song left, tell me and it will happen

Like a true moment.