Natalia Mav's passion for motivating others to lead a healthy lifestyle

Natalia Mav

Natalia Mav

Natalia Mavrogiannis (Co-Founder of Natalia Mav) is a Greek Australian dedicated to inspiring and motiving men and women to live a healthier and happier life.

“Living a healthy lifestyle is extremely important and quite a powerful tool. It becomes a way of life in terms of not only working out and eating healthy but more importantly you start to feel better about yourself and you start to enjoy all aspects about being healthy,” says Natalia.

She was exposed to the health and fitness industry almost 5 years ago, after she came to a point where she was depressed, unhappy and disappointed at the person she had become. “I had lost all self-esteem, I wasn't happy with my physical appearance and mentally I was at a very bad place. I quickly discovered the power of leading a healthy lifestyle and started to crawl my way back rediscovering my inner happiness”, Natalia said.

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The ability for Natalia to maintain a positive mindset was critical for the success of her own journey and from the moment she made the decision to change, she became so positive and determined, there was no room for failure.

Using her own life experience, Natalia’s mission, together with co-founder and husband Peter Nicolopoulos, is to support, inspire, motivate but most importantly help other people believe in themselves again.

“I feel in life we should always give back and for me, this is truly the beginning. The love and support I receive from my followers and fans from all around the world is a wonderful feeling knowing how much of a positive impact I have made. We all deserve to be happy, confident and most importantly feel comfortable within our own skin.”

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“The goal of Natalia Mav is to create a global platform where men and women come together inspiring, motivating and helping each other. I personally see everybody that joins Natalia Mav as an extension of my own family connecting and uniting all of us with a common goal; the ability worldwide to support and encourage each other as we progress through our own journey is critical.”

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Natalia’s daily schedule involves getting up at 6am and beginning her personal training with her clients from early morning until late evening. She also tries to find time to focus on her social media platforms, spreading her time with local and global clients.

Available on the App Store and Google Play, ‘Natalia Mav’ is a health and fitness program app for the average person.

“My struggles were real and creating an app to help me scale and build a platform to help thousands of men and women was my number one goal. Based on my personal experiences and challenges I knew I had to make a difference and help educate others who may have been in a similar situation.”

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Natalia says that those who download her app will feel empowered and part of a family.

"They will be given access to their own daily workout program with the ability to change their preferences at any time. We are all different so I have designed my program with the freedom of choice allowing each person to change their workout difficulty or training location (home or gym) with a single click.

"My own personal nutritionist has written over 300+ healthy and delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. It will provide everybody with the structure we all need knowing what we should be eating at what time of the day. As each person progresses through their own journey they will start to feel happy, confident and most of all beautiful inside and out. As the weeks progress they can view and share their results by comparing their before and after photos tagged by their week and weight.  I feel photos are the best way to see results as it keeps us motivated and importantly we can share these results with our friends.”

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Having lived in Greece for 8 years, Natalia understands that love for food can definitely conflict with living a healthy lifestyle and her her huge weakness she says is spanakopita. “We all love our food however I would say this can still be achievable in moderation. We do love our oils and salts but if we substitute these ingredients with healthier alternatives, it's better. Being Greek doesn't prevent us from working out and exercising on a daily basis so there should be no excuses!”

In 2019, she is also planning boot camps all around the world, where she is excited to personally meet and interact with everybody, “I want people to feel connected and know that I am always here to support them regardless of our location and where we live.”