Kammenos announces his party withdrawal from Government


Defence Minister and ANEL (The Independent Greeks) leader, Panos Kammenos has announced his party will be withdrawing from Greece's coalition government, after his meeting with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras today at Maximos Mansion.

Upon emerging from Maximos, he stated to the press that he had quite a long conversation with the Prime Minister. "There was a cooperation lasting four whole years in a government of national unity. We succeeded in extricating our country from the memorandums. The first goal was achieved. On the issue of Macedonia, I am not permitted to not sacrifice the seat. I thanked the Prime Minister. On the national issue this cooperation cannot continue. ANEL are withdrawing from the government."

Kammenos will soon give a press conference, where he is expected to announce more details.

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Before the scheduled meeting at Maximos Mansion, Kammenos uploaded a video on twitter of a flag raising ceremony in Grammos (on the Greek- Albanian Border) from April 2018 with the words "Καλημέρα", before attending Divine Liturgy at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens.