The Chamber of Cyclades website in 2018 attracted 675,000 visitors from 185 countries

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The website of the Chamber of Cyclades,, which supports and promotes local and regional businesses in the Cyclades islands, attracted 675,000 visitors from 185 countries in 2018.

According to statistics posted on their website, accomodation was the most popular industry clicked with an average of 1,908 visits, with the top two locations being Kimonos ( 4,562 views) and Koufonisia ( 4,903 views).

Below is the number of views per industry:

* Accommodation: 3.2 million clicks

* Food: 1 million clicks

* Transportation/Rentals: 460,000 clicks

* Entertainment: 385,000 clicks

* Local Products: 382,000 clicks

* Activities: 251,000 clicks

* Businesses: 80,000 clicks

More than 4,900 businesses use the free promotional opportunity on the website to attract visitors from around the world, with a total number of 5.7 million clicks achieved in 2018.

The portal is also available in eight different languages including Greek, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.

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