Tsipras wins confidence vote


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Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras won the confidence vote in parliament on Wednesday, with the victory clearing a major obstacle for Tsipras' Prespes Agreement.

"Today the Greek parliament gave a vote of confidence in stability. We received a vote of confidence with our only concern to continue to address the needs and interests of the Greek people," Tsipras told journalists after the vote.

Tsipras called the confidence motion after his right-wing coalition partner from ANEL Panos Kammenos quit the government over the Prespes Agreement.

Parliament gave Tsipras 151 votes, meeting the threshold required in the 300-member assembly.

His leftist Syriza party has 145 seats in parliament while additional support was gleaned by defectors of Kammenos's ANEL party and independents gave him six more votes.

"I call upon you with hand on heart to give a vote of confidence to the government which gave battle, which bled, but managed to haul the country out of memorandums and surveillance," Tsipras said, referring to Greece's international lenders who kept the country on a tight leash for years.

*Source: Reuters

*Image by Eurokinissi