Former Greek PM Papandreou weighs in FYROM debate



Greece’s former Prime Minister and President of Socialist International George Papandreou said on Sunday that he supported the Prespes Agreement signed by the Tsipras government.

Papandreou made the comments during an interview with EfSyn newspaper, having already expressed his opinion in 2018 when he also referred to the agreement as a "balanced solution" while speaking at the Political Council of the Movement for Change (KINAL).

"Our first concern", Papandreou told EfSyn, "should be to avoid division over a foreign policy matter, in this case, the Macedonian issue. The use of difficult issues promotes the agenda of political parties had been done in the past, with disastrous consequences for the Greek people and the country. Going to elections in a climate of division and mutual accusations over who is a patriot and who a traitor would be catastrophic," Papandreou stated.

According to sources in EfSyn, in the interview, Papandreou will also express his views on FYROM's note verbale on meeting the Prespes Agreement terms; the prospect of a New Democracy-KINAL coalition and the dialogue between left-wing and democratic forces.

GCT Team

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