Australian TV presenters reveal their crush on Stefanos Tsitsipas (VIDEO)

By 4 years ago

It seems like Greek tennis sensation Stefanos Tsitsipas is not only winning fans over with his phenomenal tennis talent, but he is also becoming a hit with the ladies, as Australia’s Today Show presenters Deborah Knight and Georgie Gardner revealed their secret crush on air this morning, calling Stefanos “the complete package.”

“Have you not seen his serve?” asked Georgie.

Adding, “Massive serve and he has a lovely demeanour, I think he showed that he isn’t just a tennis player. He spoke with great affection about his family which is very endearing....he is a dreamboat,” said the Today Show’s leading presenter.

Co-host Deb Knight went on to say, “Check out his Instagram account if you want to see some dreamy pictures of him.”

“You’ve done that too have you, Deb?” Georgie asked her colleague.

“I’ve checked it out don’t you worry,” said Deb before both presenters began giggling.

“He is the complete package and he speaks three languages, we are sold!”

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