Minimum wage increase signed into law

Minimum wage increase signed into law 2

Greece’s Labour Minister Effie Achtsioglou on Tuesday signed the ministerial decision implementing the announced hike in the minimum wage and the abolition of the sub-minimum wage.

Specifically, according to the ministerial decision, the following changes will be effective as of February 1:

– The minimum monthly wage for employees is set at 650 euros per month.

– Daily wages for workers are increased to 29.04 euros per day.

– The subminimum monthly salary and sub-minimum daily wage for young people under 25 years old are abolished.

The Ministry of Labour, in an announcement issued on Tuesday, said that “by increasing the minimum wage we are implementing a major commitment the government had made to increase the income available to employees and particularly to young people through the abolition of the subminimum wage, which discriminated against people based on their age.”

The increase of the minimum wage after a decade, the announcement continued, “especially following its dramatic drop in 2012,” aims to “give back to the workforce a part of what the austerity policies enforced in our country have taken away from them.”

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