Dokimon Organic skincare from the pure, sacred, natural land of Mount Athos

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Organic skincare from the pure, sacred, natural land of Mount Athos
Organic skincare from the pure, sacred, natural land of Mount Athos

Pure, natural, sacred, untouched by industrialisation with flora and fauna completely free of pollutants. A piece of paradise on earth, Mount Athos, situated in Northern Greece, spans the entire narrow rocky strip of the easternmost of Halkidiki's three peninsulas which meet the Aegean Sea in Northern Greece.

The geographic isolation of the peninsula for over one thousand years has allowed its 20 independent monasteries to protect the land from development, making the area one of the few truly natural ecosystems left in the world.

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Mount athos

Also known as the ‘Holy Mountain'  it is one of the only UNESCO World Heritage sites in Europe which is recognised for both its cultural and natural significance.

Home to a plethora of historic, precious relics, artifacts, and documents, among the preserved manuscripts found in the library of Vatopaidi monastery are those of Hippocrates, famously recognised as the father of medicine, which describe the properties of the various herbs, provide many formulas for remedies, and the ways they have been used over the centuries. It is these very scripts which one of the monks, who was terminally ill over 30years ago, decided to research and heal himself.

Pick up herbs in mount athos

These studies ultimately resulted in the development of a variety of natural products, such as traditional ointments, moisturizing creams, soaps, and shampoos, which aim to nourish as well as prevent and treat skin problems.

The word “Dokimon” translates to the “first sample” and was inspired by the study of the ancient manuscripts of Hippocrates in Vatopaidi’s library and was given to the first series of its products. All the Dokimon product recipes are based on these ancient scriptures and include organic handpicked herbs and flowers such as chamomile, geranium, and calendula. For the first time, these products are available outside of Greece thanks to Greek Australian distributors Evan and Elena Tsioukis who fell in love with them when holidaying in Greece and made it their mission to bring a touch of Greece to Australia.

Dokimon product
Dokimon product

At a time when brands are producing natural versions of popular products and consumers are becoming savvier about the ingredients they choose to use in their skincare and cosmetics, Dokimon remains in a league of its own in terms of its historic formulas, moisturising, and healing properties, beautifully soft fragrances, and the natural, organic, untouched land its ingredients are sourced from. It makes you feel proud and pampered.

Dokimon is everything you expect it to be and more, delivering on quality, luxury and results. The range has everyday items of use such as the soaps (fresh, aromatic Chamomile or Mountain Herbs & Honey) which are extremely gentle on the skin. “The Chamomile Soap is so gentle, you can wash your face with it, and a lot of parents use it on their kids,” says Elena Tsioukis. “I used to think it was only used as a wellness tea, but it is very soothing and antibacterial for the skin.”

The Mountain Herbs & Honey face cream has fast become a cult favourite for its rich texture, nourishing properties, quick absorption, smooth application and for keeping the skin clear and supple. The hand and body creams and shower gel are similarly luxurious to use, easily absorbed and nourishing on the skin with a subtle fragrance that evokes the blend of natural, organic ingredients found on the mountains of northern Greece, transporting you to Greece and allowing you to have a piece of the Holy Mountain’s pure ingredients on your skin. A relaxing, spa-like experience which is beautiful to the senses.

Mount Athos
Mount athos

Calendula features on most of the products and is naturally derived from the marigold flower. One of the range’s hero products, The Gold Series Calendula Ointment is truly a little pot of gold, coming to the rescue of dehydrated skin with its potent skin conditioning, anti-inflammatory properties, and soothing as well as treating skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, cuts, and wounds. Infused with olive oil and beeswax this is a product unlike any other on the market.

“I’m a big believer that what we put on our skin is going to be showing through,” says Tsioukis. “If we’re using harsh chemicals on our face, it will start to show. It’s the same with diet and the food we put into our bodies.”

The Gold Series Lavender
The Gold Series Lavender

The Gold Series Lavender, Propolis and St John’s Wort ointment is a must for people wanting to soothe and heal damaged skin. When combined, Propolis and St John’s Wort assist problematic and broken skin as well as offer natural cleansing properties. “The addition of organically farmed Lavender enhances calming of the skin and assists with hydrating damaged skin cells on the skin’s surface and improving the formation of scar tissue,” says Tsioukis.

Having launched the signature Mountain Herbs & Honey product line at the end of 2018 to a resounding success, Tsioukis is excited about expanding the range in the near future. “We want to educate people about the ingredients they use on their skin and bring a piece of this sacred land into their world,” says Tsioukis. “Mount Athos is such a special place. It’s basically an untouched land where there is purity and where crops absolutely thrive.”

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