The cities of Kavala and Corinth collaborate to promote pilgrimage tourism

The steps of Apostle Paul
pilgrimage tourism
pilgrimage tourism

The cities of Kavala and Corinth, are collaborating for the signing of an agreement that promotes pilgrimage tourism.

The aim of the collaboration, to create a network of areas that Apostle Paul passed through or visited in his journey from Kavala, a city in northern Greece to Corinth, a city in south-central Greece.

At an event held on Wednesday, the mayors of the two cities referred to the Apostle Paul's travels in Greece, noting that his path touched not only pious believers but also those who loved history.

Corinth Mayor Alexandros Pnevmatikos and his counterpart from Kavala, Dimitra Tsanaka, stated "'The steps of Apostle Paul' pass through all the place where the Apostle taught and are an ideal combination of pilgrimage and expedition in some of the most beautiful places in Greece."

*Source: AMNA

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