World’s First ‘Foodie Hotel’ set to open in Athens in Spring 2019 8

Food lovers around the world get ready as the Greek capital is set to become home to the world’s first ever ‘Foodie Hotel’, giving guests the ultimate gastronomic experience.

This boutique hotel will be located at 23 Mitropoleos street, very close to Syntagma Square and is the brainchild of Ergon Foods, a fast-growing Greek company that offers products from small Greek producers over the last nine years in Greece and abroad.

World’s First ‘Foodie Hotel’ set to open in Athens in Spring 2019 9

“Ergon House Athens” will be one of the most interesting and innovative hotel projects in Greece and the world as it combines a unique way in which the areas of hospitality can come together and give guests the ultimate gastronomic experience.

World’s First ‘Foodie Hotel’ set to open in Athens in Spring 2019 10

Visitors can make their way to the food market where they can purchase meat, fish, and other local fresh products, or they can dine at the restaurant, drink at the rooftop bar, as well as stay at the modern hotel, which will feature 38 rooms.

Situated at the foot of the Acropolis in the historical heart of Athens, Ergon House is a seventh heaven for food enthusiasts, complete with ‘rooms above the inn’.

“We’ve conceived a spectacular marketplace, a modern-day agora with a constellation of greengrocers, a butcher’s, fishmonger’s and bakery, a delicatessen and roastery, along with a bar and restaurant which celebrate the best of Greek cuisine culture. And we have expanded on the unique experience of an epicurean boutique hotel by creating cool common ground in which to cook and lounge, a gym for good conscience, as well as a roof terrace planted with olive trees that has unbeatable views of the city,” says management.

Ergon is a family business that was created in Thessaloniki (with three generations’ worth of experience in the food sector), with the goal of promoting unique Greek products. In dealing with different farmers and producers from all over Greece, the family realised there was a need to establish one unifying brand, that would guarantee the overall quality of a broad and diverse product range.

World’s First ‘Foodie Hotel’ set to open in Athens in Spring 2019 11

So that’s what the two brothers from Thessaloniki, Thomas and George Douzis decided to do. To create a range of fine quality products, under a brand that could ensure that traditional Greek produce meets the 21st-century standards.

Ergon’s aim is to promote Greek gastronomy, both in Greece and abroad and their vision is to become the global food brand associated with high-quality, premium, Greek food products, culinary culture, and cuisine.

World’s First ‘Foodie Hotel’ set to open in Athens in Spring 2019 12

Bringing people together over simple pleasures under the Ergon name since 2011, the team has curated a community of artisans by selecting the finest products from Greece’s native soil, supporting small producers and time-honored traditions.

“We’ve designed beautiful spaces across the world in which to share our passion for Greek cuisine and inspired an international following. As true believers in the positive power of food to transform moments and moods, we’re now doing away with the boundaries between a great meal and sweet dreams. It’s a bit like a night in the museum,” says the family.

Completing this holistic hospitality experience built on the foundations of Greek Food, Ergon House will offer contemporary living spaces spread above the marketplace.

World’s First ‘Foodie Hotel’ set to open in Athens in Spring 2019 13

All rooms will include their signature breakfast and come in four sizes, with privileged access to communal kitchens and lounges, a gym and panoramic rooftop terrace.

The spaces are a collaboration with leading local designers and artists, paying tribute to Greece’s love of natural materials, traditional craft, and references to the vernacular, paired with a strong contemporary line. Large, double-glazed windows invite all the spectacle and none of the soundtrack to views of the Parthenon and city, or the buzz of the Agora.

World’s First ‘Foodie Hotel’ set to open in Athens in Spring 2019 14

There will be no in-room dining because the whole Ergon House experience places food centre stage. So, while the curated minibar delicatessen should tide you over, the Agora awaits with some of best food in town, or fresh market ingredients with which to make your own magic in one of the dedicated kitchens.

It is set to open in a few months, so food lovers get ready!