Greek boy overcomes Down Syndrome and writes book to help other kids in need  


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It is not often that you hear of children with Down Syndrome being able to speak four languages fluently, playing three musical instruments and wanting to become a scientist, however, Greek boy Joachim is an exception and not only is he able to do all of the above, he has also written a book, which has already helped hundreds of families dealing with Down Syndrome.

Unfortunately in Greece, like many other countries around the world, there is no proper support to help children with special needs, especially those with Down syndrome.

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*Joachim playing the piano

Joachim’s mother Mrs. Katerina Frosini gave birth to her fourth child 22 years ago and was told about her son’s issue before birth and decided she would do everything in her power to raise him and care for him as best she could, along with her other three sons.

By the age of four, Joachim was able to sit down but was unable to stand up and could not speak. A doctor spoke to his parents about a program named the Glen Doman Institute in America, which is a well-known organisation that helps children with special needs.

*Joachim with his mother Katerina

His parents went to America and learned everything about this program, which eventually gave their young son a new life.

Now at the age of 22, Joachim may not have completed the last two grades of high school, but he’s already working in his father’s accounting office and leads a normal life, being able to communicate and having independence, which is rare for many children with Down Syndrome.

Along with the help of his mother, Joachim also wrote a book titled “I’m Joachim … Learn to Overcome Down Syndrome,” which has already helped hundreds of families to deal with the situation properly so that children with Down Syndrome can lead a better life and inspire those with special needs.