Crete named one of the World’s Top 5 Travel Destinations

sea crete chania balos main

sea crete chania balos main

Crete has been named one of the world's top 5 travel destinations at the TripAdvisor’s Travellers Choice Awards.

According to the results, Crete beats New York, Prague, and Barcelona.

Along with Paris, London, Rome and Bali, Crete is one of the world’s top major tourist destinations.  "It is certainly a distinction that proves that Crete is very strong in tourism," said Stavros Arnaoutakis, Regional Director of Crete.  "This distinction highlights the work the locals are doing. We will always serve as a supporter of any initiative and support of the island.

The entire list of the 10 most popular destinations:

1.Paris, France

2.London, Great Britain

3.Rome, Itali,

4.Bali, Indonesia

5.Crete, Greece

6.Barcelona, Spain

7.Prague, Czech Republic

8.Marrakech, Morocco

9.Constantinople, Turkey

10.New York, USA