A young Greek soldier running late and about to miss his bus ride from Volos to Thessaloniki made a call to KTEL saying there was a bomb on board, in order to delay the driver and give him time to make his way to the bus station.

Passengers were left shaken after being told there was a bomb scare, which occurred midday on Wednesday, according to Volos newspaper Taxidromos.

When the bus arrived at Velestino just after midday, policemen appeared on the side of the road and stopped the vehicle. Police officers then asked passengers to disembark, explaining to the driver that they had received a call from an unknown person saying there was a bomb on the bus.

A specially trained police dog was brought to the scene and after carefully checking the bus they discovered it was a hoax.

It was later revealed that the phone call regarding the explosive device had been made by a young soldier, who was stationed in Thessaloniki and wanted to delay the bus to reach his destination.

The young man apologised and said he realised it was a mistake and after arriving in Thessaloniki on the same bus that was in fact delayed, police took him to the station for further questioning.