Melisses celebrate their 10 years of success on 'Stin Igia Mas Re Paidia'



Melisses, one of Greece's most popular bands celebrated their 10 years of success this weekend on "Stin Igia Mas Re Paidia,' a TV show hosted by Greek actor Spiros Papadopoulos.

Some of their most successful songs that have been stellar hits on the music charts include “To Kyma”, “Ena”, “Den me noiazei”, "Ola moiazoun kalokairi", "Eimai allou" and “’I Moni Epilogi sou”.

Melisses (which means 'bees' in Greek) features band members Christos Mastoras (vocals), Thanos Laitsas (guitar), Pantelis Kyramargios (keyboards), Jacob Sampsakis (drums) and Kostas Mavrogennis (bass).

They continue to dominate the music charts, trending on Youtube and performing at sold out concerts all over Greece and Cyprus.

Melisses first became known in 2009 with their single "Krifa", and have gone on to release 3 albums and endless tunes.

They are currently performing for their fourth successful season at BOX Athens, every Friday and Saturday.

Where: BOX Athens- Pireos 130, Athina 118 54, Greece

When: Every Friday and Saturday


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