EEM2019 has kicked off this week on Sfera 102,2 FM radio 6

EEM2019 (Evdoma Ellinikis Mousikis) by Bikos Cola has kicked off this week from February 11-15 on Sfera 102,2 FM radio.

Many of our favourite chart-topping artists will appear live at Sfera Radio studios where they will perform and be interviewed by the radio’s talk show hosts including Natalia Germanou and Grigoris Arnaoutoglou.

EEM2019 has kicked off this week on Sfera 102,2 FM radio 7

Natalia Germanou is one of Greece’s greatest lyricists and is also a TV show host, radio producer, DJ, and journalist. She has written song lyrics for some of the country’s best singers such as Notis Sfakianakis, Natasa Theodoridou, Kati Garbi, Mihalis Hatzigiannis to name just a few.

EEM2019 has kicked off this week on Sfera 102,2 FM radio 8

Natalia also became recognised by Greeks worldwide when she hosted the reality TV show Fame Story in 2002 on ANT1.

Grigoris Arnauotoglou who currently appears on ANT1’s The 2Night Show (a Jimmy Fallon style late night variety show) has been a fixture on Greek TV for many years and really came to fame in the late 1990’s on the Mega Channel through his daily morning TV program show called Omorfos Kosmos To Proi (Beautiful World in The Morining). Aside from being a TV show host, he is also a Radio Producer, a much loved public figure who is known to be held in high regard and respect by his viewers, listeners and his famous guests and friends.

EEM2019 has kicked off this week on Sfera 102,2 FM radio 9

This week you can see and listen to Natalia and Grigori, as they are joined live in the studio daily with singers such as Giannis Ploutarhos, Petros Iakovidis, Giorgos Tsalikis, Peggy Zina and so many more, celebrating the radio’s music week.

There will be many special guest appearances and performances and debut of new songs performed live, so tune in and get hyped for Summer in Greece 2019!

EEM2019 has kicked off this week on Sfera 102,2 FM radio 10

Sera 102,2 FM can be listened to via TuneIn Radio app on your mobile (for those outside of Greece) and followed on Facebook and Instagram where they live stream for you to watch and regularly upload videos.



*Images courtesy of Sfera Radio

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