Cycladic Island of Delos inspires Paris Valtadoros’ show in Athens


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Following his participation at the «Who's Next» exhibition at Porte de Versailles in Paris, leading Greek fashion designer Paris Valtadoros presented his “Ready-to-Wear” Spring/Summer 2019 collection at Athens Xclusive Designers Week.

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The show welcomed us with a video of the island of Delos on a huge screen. We felt like we had wings and fled over this tiny, rocky island in the center of the Aegean Sea, considered as “the most sacred of all islands” in ancient Greek culture.

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The mystical music made guests feel like they were part of a ritual. We couldn’t do anything but admire the view, the ancient ruins, the Terrace of the Lions, the sun shining in the blue sky, the endless sea.

The introduction pointed out the source of inspiration for the designer.

Paris Valtadoros, who was born in Macedonia himself, chose the birthplace of Apollo, the God of sun, light, knowledge, music, healing, and the arts, and the leader of the nine Muses, keepers of the fine arts, to help him through the creative process. To give him creative wings to fly.

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When the models started to parade on the catwalk, we admired the luxurious and scarce elements that featured geometrical patterns, liquefying the definition of the term “avant-garde” in a mixture of black and white shadows. After all, Paris Valtadoros’ garments are distinguished for their avant-garde lines; strictly geometrical shapes, fading in the sensuality of female silhouette.

An eccentric burst of vivid colors symbolized the regeneration and emersion of light from the abyss of absence, confirming the dual etymological approach of “Delos”, denoting “The Sudden Emersion” and “The Revelation” as implied in the Homeric Hymn.

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The designer focused on the blossom season, managing to astonish and impress the public once more while revealing his unique designer style.

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Paris Valtadoros has an impressive Atelier in downtown Kolonaki district (46-48 Voukouresiou Str.) with his Haute Couture and Bridal Couture creations, while his flagship boutique, established in 2016 is located in Mykonos Town.

*Photo credit: Studio Panoulis (Copyright)

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