Flu virus claims 56 lives 

Flu virus claims 56 lives  1

Flu virus claims 56 lives  2

The Hellenic Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (HCDCP) announced on Thursday that the flu virus has claimed a total of 56 lives.

According to the HCDCP, complications from the flu during the current flu season has risen since last incidents were reported with 17 new deaths reported between February 4 and 10, while 40 new patients were admitted with flu in intensive care units.

Among the 56 dead, 49 were hospitalised in an ICU; 39 were male and 17 female and the age range was between 0 and 90 years.

The total number of cases of flu confirmed by laboratory testing has reached 226 in Greece, of which 219 were treated in an ICU and 29 had had the flu vaccine.

HCDCP said flu activity in Greece remains high, as do visits to doctors for flu-related symptoms.

According to scientists, vaccination – even if late in the season – remains the best possible protection from the

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