Parisians can't get enough of traditional Greek food from Yaya

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Parisians just can't get enough of delicious and traditional Greek food from Yaya restaurant and now Greek brothers Pierre-Julien and Gregory Chantzios, along with leading chef Juan Arbelaez, have opened up their second ‘Yaya’ eatery in Paris.

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Leading Colombian chef Arbelaez who has six restaurants in Paris and the brothers, who are owners of olive oil company Kalios succeeded in their first partnership and have just opened their second installment with great reviews.


Set at a former market hall in the up-and-coming 19th arrondissement, minutes away from cool bars and cafés that have popped up along the Canal de l’Ourcq, this new addition already has locals coming back for more.

The two-level eatery features light wood tables, Aegean blue painted walls, a real olive tree planted at the centre of the restaurant, and a communal table with a large terrace will also be set up over the warmer months.

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Greek chef Fannis Exarchakis has joined the talented team and helped put together the Peloponnesian inspired menu, which includes dishes such as octopus on woodfire and mashed celery, glazed leg of lamb and Portokalopita.

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Arbelaez arrived in Paris when he was 18 years old, and is a star in his own right after winning a French version of “Master Chef” in 2012. Before meeting the Chantzios brothers, he didn’t know much about Greek gastronomy, however, their friendship resulted in a trip to the Peloponnese where the brothers’ family originates and where Arbelaez fell in love with the simplicity of Greek food.

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The first Yaya restaurant focuses mainly on Greek island based dishes, which includes lots of seafood, however, this eatery is focused on the mainland, with meat dishes and xilopites being the big hits on the menu.