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Athenians protest against buildings set to hide the Acropolis

By Gct
February 21, 2019

Athenians are in protest against the construction of ten-storey buildings around the Acropolis Hill in Greece’s capital, which hides part of the historical Parthenon. Local residents have initiated an appeal with more than 4,100 residents already signing the petition against urban planning permits.

Responding to protest letters, the Ministry of the Environment has set up a Committee to review the buildings standard regulations of the wider area surrounding the Acropolis, and in particular the Makriyianni and Koukaki area. Meanwhile, residents will also appeal to the City Council against the building permits of the two buildings.

“It is unacceptable to allow construction of such tall buildings next to the Acropolis,” says The Hellenic Society for the Environment and Culture (ELLET) chairman Lydia Karras.

“The view of the Acropolis, which dominates Athens, is part of the identity of our people, as well as part of the European heritage. I believe it is in human nature to make mistakes. Therefore, it would be generous on the part of the Minister of Culture and those responsible for the problem, to recognise this mistake and re-examine the permission of these buildings.”

Residents of the region began collecting signatures through the AVAAZ online platform here.


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