Q&A with Greece's up and coming music star Konstantinos Nazis

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Konstantinos Nazis
Konstantinos Nazis

GCT's US reporter Athena Mavromatis sat down with one of Greece’s up and coming superstars, Konstantinos Nazis while he was on his recent US/ Canada Tour and chatted to the young artist about his passion for music and his latest tracks! 

By Athena Mavromatis

You may remember Nazis with his hit song "Otan Ponao To Glentao" featuring Zanis "Knock Out" Blasin back in 2016. He also gave us hits like “Thelo Ta Dika Sou Ta Filia”, “Se Ola Nai”, “Apopse Vgale Ta Kala Sou”, and now he and Knock Out have teamed up once again bringing a new club anthem, “Stou Kormiou Sou Ta Palatia”.

Konstantinos was performing at BARaki Tarpon Springs in Florida when I was able to get to know the 25-year-old powerhouse before his show that night! So let's get to know the Thessalonian heartthrob!

Konstantinos began singing at the age of 10 and I was stunned and most certainly impressed to learn he started initially with Byzantine music. When I asked him, what made him enter the music world, he gave me all this interesting background knowledge, but most certainly he ensured me that it’s because music is his whole life.

I also got the inside scoop on his infamous bromance with Knock Out which overall warmed my heart! Not only did he gush about his bro Zanis, but Konstantinos also spilled the tea about how “Otan Ponao To Glentao” came into existence. I had to know how one of Greece’s biggest hits of 2016 was made and he answered with “he (Knock Out) heard my song, he believed in me, I believed in him and it became a big success. I didn’t expect it at the beginning, then I saw a big turn out.”

As far as his relationship with Knock Out and how it was working with him, Nazis had nothing but kind things to say. “He says he is a very great friend, very professional”, and Kosta did some foreshadowing and hinted to me from then that he & Knock Out would be releasing a new song this year! Recently he and the rapper/singer released that song which is titled “Stou Kormiou Sou Ta Palatia” which you can check out here!


Konstantinos says we can expect a lot of new music from him this year and it looks like he’s already off to a great start with “Stou Kormiou Sou Ta Palatia”. If you want to know exactly what went down with my chitty-chat with the singer check it out below!

When did your passion for music begin?

From a small child, 10 years old, I started with Byzantine music. I’ve always loved music, it’s my whole life.

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What made you audition for the X-Factor?

I believed it was a good opportunity for me and it helped me a lot. I had really good teachers there. I had a good experience overall and it made me a stronger and better singer in general.

What singers do you take inspiration from?

I really like Themis Adamantidis, Christos Ntandis. They’re two singers that I've listened to from years back.

How did “Otan Ponao to Glendao” come about?

They heard my song, the believed in me, I believed in them and it became a big success. I didn’t expect it at the beginning, then I saw a big turn out.”

How was it working with Knock Out?

It was good, Zanis is a really good friend, very professional at his job. Very good with his choices, he knows how to work and there is a new song coming out with Knock Out”.

What can we expect from Konstantinos over the next year?

Lots of new music!

GCT Team

This article was researched and written by a GCT team member.