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By Angela Kalias 

Australian journalist, author and television presenter Jessica Rowe, recently visited Greece and shared her love for the Greek capital with her 100k Instagram followers.

She was instantly mesmerised by the breathtaking view of the Acropolis from her hotel balcony, where she took a selfie and captioned it “Athens we love you already!”

Jessica and her Mum (aka Mummo) explored the city of Athens where they roamed through the streets of Monastiraki and the food markets. Taking a break from their sight-seeing they stopped off at cafeterias and enjoyed a Greek coffee with a side of baklava. In a video she posted, Jessica also expressed her love of Greek coffee and admitted it was her third for the day!

They were sure not to miss exploring The Acropolis and Acropolis Museum where she said “Today was a special day – a joy to explore The Acropolis with Mummo! The Parthenon’s pure beauty and genius made us want to weep”. Fellow Australian TV news presenter and co-host of Sunrise Sam Armytage, who has also revealed her love for her Greece, commented “Isn’t it spectacular?! Acropolis Museum one of the best in the world”.

Despite the cold weather, wind and rainy conditions, Jessica and her Mum braved the icy conditions and enjoyed a tour bus around Athens where they could hop on and off to see many beautiful, ancient historic sites and monuments.

During their stay in Greece along with a couple of other (Rowe sisters) on their (#nationalrowesvacation) trip from Australia, they made their way on a cruise to Crete and visited the Palace of Knossos. Jessica described this as “the cradle of European civilisation” and added “lots of wows from me today’ about their magnificent day in Crete.

Jessica ended her short stay in Greece by captioning her post “Yiasou Greece! How we have loved your history, coffee, cats and baklava…we’ll be back!”

Thank you, Jessica, for sharing your trip and love for Greece!

*Source & Images – Jessica Rowe’s Instagram Page 

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