A splash of New York & Paris in Northern Athens Papillon

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Located in the Northern Athenian suburb of Neo Psychiko, Papillon is a chic all-day bar and restaurant that takes inspiration from the bistro culture of Paris and New York in both spirit and aesthetics and locals just can't get enough of this hot new establishment that is open for brunch, lunch, and dinner!

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Photo by: Ioanna Roufopoulou

As soon as you walk through the doors there is a stunning bar area which features hardwood floors, floral wallpaper and coffered ceilings that exude charm and elegance. Small, round tables with iron bases, bentwood chairs, and a long, maroon, leather booth give it a real French bistro feel while an eclectic selection of paintings, quirkily aligned high up, just below the ceiling on the wall opposite the bar, provide a cooler New York vibe.

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The restaurant area is housed under a glass pitched roof and in the back, a deli bar alludes to the food markets of the same era.

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In this beautiful environment, you can experience the chef's wonderful creations, which include brunch, lunch and dinner options, while the bartenders will treat you to sophisticated cocktails and aperitivos.

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The cuisine is a modestly inventive mix of new American with French and Italian and some of the standouts on the menu by head chef Ioannis Markadakis are the Shrimp Salad, Asparagus and Chevre Risotto, Cod Confit and a mouthwatering Tiramisu and Apple Crumble, which are made by pastry chef Ioannis Kaldanis.

A:  L. Kifisias 242 & Solomou 1

Faros Psychikou

15451 Neo Psychiko, Athens, Greece