Albanian migrants volunteer to help restore historic Keritis bridge in Chania

Keritis bridge

keritis 3

A group of Albanian migrants in Crete have volunteered to help restore the historic Keritis bridge in Alikianos, which collapsed after torrential rainstorms hit Chania.

The group of volunteers sent a proposal letter to the Municipality of Platanias and the Region of Crete, stating that the Albanian Migrant Community of Chania would like to volunteer to restore the famous bridge, as to ensure it is safe again for the community.

The 1908 bridge connecting the two sides of the Keritis river in the Alikianos area of Chania's Platania region collapsed as the riverbank was flooded.

Chania faced severe power cuts throughout Monday, with reports of up to 9 bridges collapsing, due to the heavy storms and strong winds affecting the island.


*Image courtesy of Pavlos Bouzakis