1-year-old baby left alone dies in tragic house fire in Varkiza, Athens


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A one-year-old baby girl has tragically died after a fire broke out in Varkiza, a suburb in South Athens, early Thursday. The young infant was home alone, while the mother was reportedly meeting with friends for coffee at the time the fire started.

Neighbours alerted police and fire services as soon as they realised there was a blaze, however it was too late, as the baby had already burned to death.

The 30-year-old mother, who is said to be suffering from psychological problems has been charged for both neglect and for arson (from negligence) which resulted in the death of her 13-month-old daughter.

"In the morning I put her on her high chair to be safe," the mother told police. "Then I went out, I was going for coffee, I was going out with my friends." Authorities were shocked as the mother did not seem to think her actions were wrong. Neighbours claim she rarely took the baby out and this was not the first time the mother left the little girl on her own inside the apartment.

Firefighters believe the baby fell onto the heater that was lit and was burned alive.

According to reports the single mother has three children from three different fathers and was an adoptee herself who was suffering from mental issues.  The investigation continues as to how the actual fire broke out.

*Source and image: Protothema.gr