Xronia Polla Eleni Foureira, who turns 32 today

Xronia Polla Eleni Foureira, who turns 32 today 1

Xronia Polla Eleni Foureira, who turns 32 today 3

Greek pop singer who lit the stage up on fire representing Cyprus with her hot performance of “Fuego” at the 2018 Eurovision song contest, Eleni Foureira was born on March 7, 1987.

Foureira started her solo career in 2010 with the release of her first album self titled ‘Eleni Foureira’. From the beginning of her career, she was crowned the Pop Queen of the Greek music scene by both the media and her fans.

Her song “Chica Bomb” featuring Dan Balan, a Moldovan musician was the summer hit in 2010.

Foureira’s song releases always quickly climb to the top of the charts and her music videos that highlight her performing and dancing skills attract millions of views.

In recent years, Foureira has released singles in both Greek and English. In 2017 she collaborated with successful producer and rapper A.M. SNiPE for the song “Send For Me” which became an international hit.

In addition to her successful musical career, Eleni has also been a judge on the Greek version of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, has worked in the fashion industry and toured extensively in the Balkans.

Foureira also released her second album ‘Ti poniro mou zitas’ in 2012, her third one ‘Anemos agapis’ in 2014 and her latest one in 2017 titled ‘Vasilissa’. All of her albums have been well-received and loved in both Greece and Cyprus.

In 2018, CyBC and Panik Records announced that Foureira would represent Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest for 2018, with the song “Fuego”. She belted out the lyrics and moved like Beyonce for an unbelievable and jaw dropping performance, which put her through as one of the favourites in the finals.

Foureira finished second place in the final, with 436 points, achieving the best result Cyprus has ever had since their first participation in 1981.

Also in 2018, Foureira was awarded by the ESC 2018 commentators the ‘Marcel Bezençon Artistic Award’, presented to the best artistic performance.

Xronia Polla Eleni, Happy 32nd Birthday!


Source: Eurovision.tv

‘Fuego’ is the number 1 streamed song of Eurovision 2018