SYRIZA MP calls for a Leftist front to counter extreme movements


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Greece's Alternate Defence Minister Panagiotis Rigas called for the Left and progressive forces to unite and form a front against extreme and right-wing movements, during an interview published in the Sunday edition of Ethnos newspaper ahead of the upcoming elections.

Rigas said that there was a need for a "movement of political revival through the activation of the public interest that will stand against, and will be also the antidote to the political pathology that is expressed with all the symptoms of extreme and neo-nazi behaviours".

He SYRIZA minister added that neoliberalism has prevailed far too long and was a model that ''favoured the corruption and the entanglement where everything is economy and economy is only the increase of the capital's profits regardless of the people's needs. This gradually led to the degradation of the politics and to the mutation, to a large extent, of the civilian personnel which from leader and inspirer tends to turn into the employee of the major interests.

This condition of the popular abhorrence gives ground to the anti-democratic forces to develop and to instill their poison to the society with main characteristics the violence and the racism. "Before this condition the left and progressive forces should, it is their duty to form a revival front to restore the public confidence. To inspire the society and to lead a campaign for the restoration of the politics against the unilateral domination of the economy on the society that is held on behalf of the economic elite. The political action and the political stance are conquests of the human culture during the man's humanisation course," concluded Rigas.

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