The Cretan vocalist, Eirini Tornesaki, mesmerizes audiences around the world with her powerful and dynamic voice

Eirini Tornesaki

Talented vocalist of jazz and Greek traditional music, Eirini Tornesaki blurs the lines between genres and explores intercultural dialogue through music. 

Cretan vocalist Eirini Tornesaki
Cretan vocalist Eirini Tornesaki

Her angelic voice was first heard in public when she performed at her father’s restaurant in Crete at the age of four. Growing up she studied classical piano, music theory and cello, and was a member of the Youth Choir and String Orchestra of the Municipality of Heraklion in Crete.

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With a natural talent, Eirini completed her Bachelor in Vocal Performance at the British and Irish Institute of Modern Music in England in 2012.

The young singer in 2017 was also awarded a full tuition scholarship to complete a Master of Music at the Berklee Global Jazz Institute in Boston, with Danilo Perez and an array of faculty including John Patitucci, Joe Lovano, Terri Lyne Carrington, and George Garzone among others. She notes it was an intensive one year program and a truly unique opportunity for her to study next to the great artists.

Erini Performance at Carnegie Hall NYC June 17 2017

“As a child I loved Pantelis Thalassinos. As a teenager, I discovered rock music and loved Freddie Mercury and later on, Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, and Sarah Vaughan and now I love listening to Esperanza Spalding. I am also always inspired by other traditions from around the world and admire the flamenco singer Estrella Morente. Throughout the years, my taste in music has been changing and I always draw inspiration and influence from a variety of artists” Eirini said.

Between 2014-2017, Eirini was the singer of the Cirque Du Soleil show ‘Kurios- Cabinet of Kuriosites’, touring Canada and the USA for three years, performing 1074 shows with them. She also participated in their Virtual Reality short film 'Inside the box of Kurios' for the Samsung Gear VR, which won a Day Time Emmy Award in 2016.

For Eirini, the “studio is an interesting space where you really feel like your voice is put under a microscope, so it can possibly be stressful. It’s important not to let that affect you and find a way to express yourself freely. I love recording in the studio, and the more I do it, the more comfortable I feel.”

Singing with Mario Frangoulis March 25 2017 2
*Singing with Mario Frangoulis

Eirini has amazed audiences across the world, performing in Canada, USA, Cuba, Colombia, Panama, United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Greece, and most other European countries. Not to mention she has also collaborated with many artists including Barry Manilow, James Bay, Nick Pitera, Christos Zotos, George Garzone , Luciana Souza, Classico Latino and Mario Frangoulis, just to name a few.

In 2017 she performed the US National Anthem for the Boston Celtics at the Greek Heritage Night, featuring Giannis Antetokounmpo. 

Recently, Eirini recorded the traditional Greek song from Propontis (Sea of Marmara) ‘Korasion Etragoudage’ in her own style. The song speaks about ‘xenitia’, being in foreign lands far from home. “I discovered this song from the recording of Domna Samiou and it moved me. Since then it has become part of me. I have performed it in many concerts throughout the United States and last year I decided to record it with a new arrangement featuring Palestinian cellist Naseem Alatrash.”

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“I carry the Greek Culture with me through the study and performance of Greek traditional music," she added.

The talented young artist would like to continue performing as a soloist and also with her Greek traditional music group “Pharos Ensemble” in the future. As for the next 2 years, Eirini has her eyes set on releasing her debut album and a world tour.

“I am hoping to keep exploring intercultural dialogue through music and that I can use the power of music to help someone, or convey a message for social change.”


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