Young soldier expelled from Hellenic Armed Forces for recording himself singing “Makedonia Xakousti” while parachuting 2

The Hellenic Armed Forces have punished a young soldier with expulsion from the Aspropyrgos Parachutist School after he filmed himself singing  “Makedonia Xakousti”, on his phone, while parachuting from a military helicopter in the Larissa area.

The young soldier uploaded the video to his Facebook page and it immediately went viral. “I am on Macedonian land and as I leave the helicopter, I begin to gaze over our Greece, our Macedonia. In the first few seconds, I gaze, I feel sorrow for our wounded Greece, our Greece which has been sold. The land our ancestors fought for, and shed blood for our freedom,” said the soldier.

The footage of the video resulted in immediate expulsion from the Hellenic Armed Forces, as authorities said “his recklessness, as the video shows did not respect rules, and he endangered his life and his colleagues’ lives. Taking a parachute jump while filming videos with your handset is like driving a machine at 180 km / h, holding the wheel with one hand and talking at the same time.”

“The soldier is seen holding his belt with one hand, not focusing on the pitch belt, while at the same time endangering the life of his colleagues who have been waiting for him at the drop zone,” they added.

According to the Ministry of Defence, the soldier was in serious danger of injuring himself as he landed on the ground, as he ignored the landing instructions he received from his instructors.

*Watch the video here-