Premiere of Sorry, Wrong Bed leaves sold-out crowd wanting more

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As the lights dimmed in Sydney’s Mytilenean House and the audience took to their seats, anticipation filled the air. The lead up to last night’s premiere of Sorry, Wrong Bed had been laden with entertaining social media sneak peeks and a promise of great quality comedic theatre. From the works of Greece’s multi-talented Vasilis Tsikaras into the worthy hands of the Dionysus Theatre Company with Lucy Miller at the helm in her directorial debut, boy, did they deliver on that promise.

After a sell-out season showing Soutzouk Loukoum, also by Vasilis Tsikaras, last year, they chose the black comedy Sorry, Wrong Bed to kick off 2019 and judging by last night’s performance this proved to be the perfect choice, not only showcasing the enormous talent and versatility of the cast, but also enabling their natural chemistry to shine through.

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The award-winning Sorry, Wrong Bed (it won Best Theatrical Play in 2017-18) has the audience hooked from the first scene and explores themes around relationships and human nature. A couple checks into a dubious motel late at night after a long day on the road. Nothing seems to work properly in the motel and nothings appears normal. Exhaustion, irritation and an increasingly eccentric owner lead to a fight between the couple. Chaos ensues with the arrival of new guests, misunderstandings and unexpected secrets.

The first few minutes set the tone for the entire night as the audience continuously erupted into laughter, enjoying the cheeky prose, quick-witted one-liners, suspense and the characters themselves. The bewitchingly funny script was complemented by the perfect comedic timing of its actors, from the delectable mix of indifference and disdain delivered by Anna (Maria Houliaras), the jealous John (Vagelis Houliaras) whose rants are so realistic you can almost see the adrenaline coursing through his veins, the feline-like, seductively curious Sonia (Christine Gazepi Stavropoulos), the eccentric clothed and behaved owner (John Stavrou), the infectious cackling laugh of the quirky but enticing Cassandra and the stand-out performance by Spiro Papastefanou who thrives in the mix of sarcasm, bewilderment and logic as Phillip, all had the audience wanting more.

The premiere was further enhanced by Maria Stavropoulos’s performance of her new song Mou Leipeis, a photography exhibition, and an array of delicious food and beverages. With English subtitles accompanying the play, the organisers did a wonderful job taking care of every detail on the night.

Dionysus Theatre Company was created by Vagelis and Maria Houliaras, a dynamic couple whose love of theatre and commitment to delivering quality productions is an inspiration. Lucy Miller, clearly adored and respected by the cast and crew, delivers the goods as director and actress.

A stellar performance by a stellar cast in a not to be missed quality production. This is a winning combination we hope to see more of this year.

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Sorry Wrong Bed runs until 14th April in Sydney, with performances also in Wollongong and Melbourne.

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Kafedaki with Lucy Miller

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