Majority of Greek expats want to return home

Majority of Greek expats want to return home 1

Majority of Greek expats want to return home 2

According to survey results presented by the National Documentation Centre (NDC) on Monday, more than 60% of Greeks living and working abroad want to return to Greece.

More than 70% of respondents referenced the quality of life in Greece as their key motivation to return whilst 42% noted were motivated by their desire to be close to their families.

Not unsurprisingly, 44% said repatriation would be a certainty if there prospects of betters wages, whilst 36% said finding jobs in their specialisation would be a deciding factor

Regarding the intent to return to Greece, a very high percentage (86%) is interested in initiatives related to the transfer and objective continuation of good practices, knowledge and technology in Greece.

In addition, 84% are interested in collaborating with Greek universities and research centers, 80% are interested in collaborating in research & development activities, 75% see access to mobility programs for scientists favorably, 71% would pursue work in Greek companies, official bodies and organisations, while 70% say are interested in a professional cooperation with Greek companies for the creation of specific products.

From a total of 2,697 scholarship fellows, one in five (20%) returned from abroad, where they lived in the last five years for work and study.

The data is the product of preliminary surveys to record the needs, skills and intentions of Greeks who live and work abroad.

The research was conducted within the framework of the initiative “Bridges of Knowledge and Cooperation”, the aim of which is the networking of Greek scientists and professionals world-wide and their gradual re-affiliation to the needs of the Greek economy.

The NDC is one of Greece’s biggest institutions that collects and preserves scientific and cultural content and data in digital form.