Australian PM slams Turkish President Erdogan for “deeply offensive” comments


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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Turkish President Erdogan’s comments that anti- Muslim Australians will return home in coffins like their grandfathers if they visit his country is deeply offensive.

Erdogan was referencing the WWI battle at Gallipoli, in which thousands of Australian and New Zealand soldiers died fighting the Turks, as he responded to the Christchurch massacre.

“I find the comments obviously offensive, deeply offensive, but also I think very unhelpful,” PM Morrison told Sydney radio 2GB on Wednesday.

“I hope he’ll join with me in addressing the issues around social media when it comes to terrorist attacks,” Morrison said of the Turkish President.

Erdogan also called on New Zealand to restore the death penalty for the gunman, warning Turkey would make the attacker pay if they did not.

Australia said it will now review its travel advice for Turkey following the threats and Morrison summoned the Turkish ambassador Korhan Karakoç to Parliament House this morning and left the meeting warning he would take further action.

“I do not accept the excuses that have been offered for those comments,” PM Morrison told reporters after his meeting with the ambassador.