Greek unemployment on the decline

oaed anergoi aftodioikisi programata

oaed anergoi aftodioikisi programata

Official unemployment figures released on Wednesday by Greece’s employment organisation, OAED reveal a slow decline.

According to OAED registered unemployment eased slightly from 949,385 persons in February from 957,532 in January.

In its monthly report OAED said that 482,430 persons were unemployed for more than 12 months (50.82 %), while unemployment among men was 37.87 % and among women 62.13 %.

The total number of unemployed people not seeking jobs was 160,000 in February, down from 169,557 in January, of which 55,035 (34.40 %) were long-term unemployed.

The number of unemployed people seeking jobs was 949,385 in February, up from 898,682 in February 2018.