Archaeological Museum of Corfu reopens after 5 year closure


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Greece’s Deputy Culture Minister, Costas Stratis inaugurated the opening of the Archaeological Museum of Corfu which had closed in 2014 for restoration works.

"Greece is a strong international brand name and it is our duty to protect it and take care of the heritage created by this brand name" stated Deputy Culture Minister Costas Stratis, during the inauguration ceremony.

"The Museum opened a few months ago offering to the public the opportunity to get acquainted with an important part of the history of the island from the Paleolithic to the Roman era. The cultural wealth and the natural beauties of the island are an attraction for tourists from all over the world placing Corfu among the top tourist destinations in Greece and one of the best sites for film shooting in Europe."

The Archaeological Museum of Corfu operated in 1967 and hosted archaeological finds from the ancient city of Corfu and from all over the island.

The museum closed for restoration works five years ago. It's refurbishment cost 4.5 million euros.