Greeks around the country sing 'Makedonia Xakousti', despite government trying to ban it


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According to Greek media reports, the Syriza government tried to ban “Makedonia Xakousti” from officially being played at Greek Independence Day parades yesterday, saying it would offend neighbouring Skopje, however, Greeks across the country gathered together and sang along to 'Makedonia Xakousti', stirring strong emotion and pride amongst the large crowds who sent a clear message to the Greek government that “Macedonia is Greek.”

On Amalias Avenue, the official Navy band played "Makedonia Xakousti" just before the grand military parade began and citizens of the Greek capital did not stop singing along while waving their Greek flags.

Even when the parade ended, crowds gathered in front of the official platform at Amalias Avenue and sang "Makedonia Xakousti" as loud as they could, letting all the politicians present know that they were not going to accept being banned from singing Macedonia’s famous song.

A few seconds after passing in front of officials and while moving on to Panepistimiou Street, many troops took the opportunity to sing “Makedonia Xakousti,” with the crowd applauding and joining in.