Statue of Alexander the Great to be placed in centre of Athens

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The Municipal Council of Athens is placing a statue of Alexander the Great in the centre of Athens, on the corner of Vassilissis Olgas and Amalia Street.

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*Image source: Kathimerini

Construction of the base is currently taking place at the spot where the work of sculptor Yiannis Pappas will be erected. Other work by the famous Greek artist Pappas is also displayed around the Greek capital, including a statue of Eleftherios Venizelos which is at a park next to the Athens Concert Hall and Trikoupis statue is in Vouli.

The Central Archaeological Council has given permission to the municipal council of Athens to erect the statue in the heart of the city and according to Greek publication Kathimerini, the cost for the installation of the 3.5-meter-tall statue will be made by the artist’s family.