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“I’m going to light a candle for everyone in church,” said 90-year-old Yiayia Susana Iliadou, after learning the 200 euro fine she was given after being arrested for selling handmade knitted slippers at street markets in Thessaloniki had been cancelled.

“I am moved by the support of Greeks around the world and I thank them very much, I will go to light a candle for everyone in church,” said 90-year-old Susana Iliadou, when she learned she no longer needed to pay 200 euros thanks to the outcry from people all over Greece and the world.

The 90-year-old was arrested last Thursday for selling woolen slippers and scarves at a flea market in Ambelokipi, Thessaloniki without a license and spent 12 hours in prison.

“I will not go back to selling slippers,” Susana said after being arrested.

The elderly woman was handed a document by police but did not know what it was and forgot to tell her daughter, who later found it in her bag by accident.

Susana says she feels grateful and wants to thank all the people who supported her after finding out about her incident with the police. “People as far away as Norway, Australia, and all over Athens and Greece offered to pay the 200 euro fine and we are so grateful for everyone’s support.”

90-year-old Yiayia in Thessaloniki arrested for selling knitted slippers without a license