The European Statistical Agency Eurostat released unemployement figures on Monday, revealing the Greek unemployment rate fell to 18 % of the workforce in December 2018, from 18.3 % in November 2018.

The report also showed that Greece recorded the biggest annual unemployment rate reduction in the EU (from 20.8 pct in December 2017 to 18 % in December 2018).

Despite the decline in unemployment, Greece still maintains the highest unemployment rate in the Eurozone, followed by Spain (13.9 %) and Italy (10.7 %) while the Czech Republic (1.9 %) and Germany (3.1 %) recorded the lowest rates.

The number of unemployed people in Greece was 852,000, with the unemployment rate among men at 14.1 % and among women at 23.1 %. The unemployment rate among young people (aged below 25 years) rose slightly to 39.5 % in December from 39.4 % in November.

In the Eurozone, the unemployment rate was stable at 7.8 % in February from January, down from 8.5 % a year earlier. The February figure was the lowest since October 2008. In the EU, the unemployment rate was 6.5 % in February, unchanged from January, but down from 7.1 % a year earlier. It was the lowest rate since 2000.