Donousa becomes first island of the Aegean to ban all disposable plastics

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Donousa has become the first island of the Aegean to ban all disposable plastics, under the Sea Change Greek Islands program.

A year ago, the island of Sikinos became first in Greece to ban plastic straws and replace them with reusable or biodegradable kinds and now local authorities, businesses and residents from this Cycladic island next to Naxos, has agreed to join the program “Sea Change” by the Caterina Laskaridis Foundation.

The initiative will be implemented with the support of the Municipal Community of Donousa in collaboration with the Donousa Cultural Association “Poseidon”, Donousa Professionals Association and Union of Donations of the Cyclades.

According to the Laskaridis Foundation, the island of Donousa is inviting local businesses and residents of the island to commit to the systematic reduction and phasing out of disposable plastics from the island, sending a strong message to the global community.

The complete ban will be in place by 2021 and phasing out will begin on Friday, April 5, 2019, with locals receiving a starter pack with all the information required for the process to begin.

“We hope that our example will inspire other island municipalities to make our place a special one for locals and tourists,” said Dr. Angeliki Kosmopoulou, Executive Director of Athanasios K. Laskaridis Public Benefit Foundation. "Disposable plastics are used for just a few minutes, but their impact on the environment lasts for decades,” she added.

Sikinos first Greek island to ban plastic straws