Selfies and hugs between Tsipras and Zaev makes worldwide headlines

By 4 years ago

Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Zoran Zaev, the Prime Minister of newly named ‘North Macedonia’ posed for a selfie outside the main government building in Skopje, making worldwide headlines.

Zaev held up his mobile phone while standing beside his Greek counterpart Tspiras, snapping the historic selfies, which have been published in newspapers and broadcast on television across Europe, the US, Australia and the United Kingdom, with reporters saying  the two PM’s  have “broken the ice and engaged in selfie diplomacy on Tuesday during the first ever official visit by a Greek leader to the neighbouring country following decades of strained relations over the name dispute.”

PM Zaev also took the opportunity to post the photo on his Twitter account saying, “I met my friend and colleague Alexis Tsipras. First Prime Minister of Greece to visit North Macedonia. A truly historic day,” wrote Zaev beneath the photo of the two leaders embracing outside the government building.

Tsipras received a warm welcome by Zaev, as the two men also embraced for international photographers before and after their press conferences.

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Copyright GreekCityTimes 2022