EU gives go-ahead to disburse Greece’s 1 billion euro tranche


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The EuroWorking Group meeting announced on Wednesday that Greece has completed the implementation of its agreed reforms and will recommend the disbursement of an outstanding 1-billion-euro tranche to the country at the Eurogroup scheduled for Friday.

According to high-level Eurozone sources, the Finance Ministers will discuss the disbursement at their meeting in Bucharest on Friday and once they ratify the conclusions of the EuroWorking Group will give the go-ahead to the process of disbursement.

Earlier in the day, the College of Commissioners approved the so-called Enhanced Surveillance Report on Greece, and recommended that Greek authorities continue to implement the agreed reforms.
"The content of the Enhanced Surveillance Report of 27 February 2019 and its subsequent update will also be used by the Eurogroup to discuss the release of a first tranche of policy-contingent debt measures linked to the implementation of specific policies," the European Commission said earlier.