Patmos island takes off with seaplanes this summer


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Hellenic Seaplanes President and CEO Nikos Charalambous, announced on Wednesday that the first seaplanes are expected to take off from the waterways of Patmos island in July 2019.

Charalambous made the announcement following his meeting with the mayor of Patmos, Grigoris Stoikos, and the Greek-Mexican businessman Ricardo Faria-Nikolopoulos.

The agenda of the meeting focused on the future of the operation of the seaplanes, the start of construction of the Patmos waterway by the Hellenic Seaplanes subsidiary "Waterway of Patmos IKE" as well as the Greek-Mexican businessman's intention to participate in the specific investment scheme, as well as his possible intention of investing in the entire waterways network in Greece.

According to an announcement, Faria-Nikolopoulos has already made his first investment by acquiring a huge area for the construction of a hotel on the island and expressed his wish to participate in the Patmos waterway investment.

On his part, Charalambous appeared optimistic because, as he said "after five years of effort, we have brought to the table the willingness of Greek society, of the investors and our own volition and the rest is just procedural."

The seaplanes, according to the announcement, will carry out many and various different flights, including ordinary passenger flights, charter flights, sightseeing flights, cargo flights, emergency medical and search and rescue flights.