First Electronic Periptero opens up in Thessaloniki

Screen Shot 2019 04 05 at 11.06.25 am

Screen Shot 2019 04 05 at 11.06.25 am

Greece’s famous Periptero is a small kiosk which is found in every part of the country. Here you can buy anything from tobacco, phone cards, water, soft drinks, newspapers, magazines, and ice cream, and now the first Periptero has opened up in Thessaloniki, selling electronic goods.

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The man behind the idea is electrician Kostas Ioakimidis, who wanted to create something unique and thought he would turn the classic Periptero in the area of Eptalofos in western Thessaloniki into a spot where people can find all of their electrical needs under one small roof.

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At this Periptero, you will not find bus tickets and cigarettes, instead, you can purchase lamps, fuses, plugs, light globes, extension cords etc.

The first electronic booth was launched this week and also offers 24- hour emergency electrical services, where Kostas and his team of electricians are on call for residential and business purposes.


The good old Greek Periptero