Giannis Ploutarhos, one of the most loved singers in Greece and the Greek Diaspora



Giannis Ploutarhos is known for his angelic voice and as being one of the nicest guys in the Greek music industry. With a singing career that spans over 20 years, he has become one of the most loved artists not only in Greece but all over the world, where he enjoys performing for the Greek diaspora.

Born on 18 December 1970, as Giannis Kakossaios, he later changed his stage name to “Ploutarhos.” Giannis grew up in a small village named Mavrogia in Orchomenos, central Greece and first began singing at the young age of six, where his entire family would sing together as they worked hard in the fields and farms, trying to make ends meet.

Coming from a poor family, at the age of 13, Ploutarhos recalls carrying 50kg sacks on his back to help put food on the table for his parents and siblings.


At the age of 16, he decided to leave the village and pursue his love of singing. He made his way to Athens where he also worked as a hairdresser to pay his rent while following his real dream, which was to become a performer.

With no family or friends in the industry, Giannis found it very hard to crack the music scene in the Greek capital and quit twice. However, his passion and determination made him try one more time.

Luckily he did, as he was finally given the opportunity to perform at some of Athens’ most popular night spots and caught the eye and ear of producer Giorgos Makrakis. That is when Ploutarhos finally became recognised as one of the best voices in the Greek music scene and signed his first record deal.

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Since then, the talented artist has become known as one of Greece’s, not only most popular laiko singers but also one of the country’s leading songwriters, who to date, has released 14 studio albums along with a greatest hit album.

Ploutarhos has become a 15 time platinum singer, performed all around the world and won a number of awards in Greece including "Singer of the year", "Best laïko singer", as well as "Album of the year", "Best laïko album", and "Best video-clip" for songs from his album Mikres Fotografies.

Listen to some of Ploutarhos' greatest hits here- 

With so many huge hits, generations of Greeks have come to love Giannis’ songs which include Ax Koritsi Mou, An Ise I Agapi, File, To Kalitero Paidi, To Gramma, Ti Stavro Kouvalao, Ipirhan Orki, Fovame Pos, Enas Theos, Anasa Mou, and the list goes on.

While many Greek singers need to repeat their best hits in the one concert, for Ploutarhos it is the complete opposite, as with so many to choose from, he tries to sing them all to make sure he does not disappoint his fans!

Giannis is known for his romantic ballads, however, he does have lots of tracks that get the crowd going and if you are heading to one of his concerts, be prepared for a big night, as Ploutarhos loves nothing more than seeing the crowd off their seats and dancing. If you have been to one of Ploutarhos’ performances you know he has a huge connection with his audience and along with his band, they create an amazing atmosphere and level of energy, which is why so many people love watching him time and time again.

And if you are wondering why Ploutarhos has won the hearts of Greeks worldwide, it is because of his polite, genuine and respectful manner. Not to mention his low-key lifestyle, which includes spending lots of time with his wife and 5 children, who he adores.

Ploutarhos also tries to give back as much as he can, performing for charity events and donating his time and money to many children's non-profit organisations. He has also told reporters he respects and appreciates his family, friends, and fans, and tries to be the best person he can be as he believes he needs to lead by example for his children and adds, every artist should be a role model for their fans, especially the young ones.

Having last toured Australia in 2014, Ploutarhos is making his way to Sydney and Melbourne in May and tickets are now available, selling fast!

*Concert details 

Sydney- Friday, May 3rd, 2019. For tickets and more information call: 0403067068, 0418262288 or 92812288

Melbourne- Sunday, May 5, 2019, at the Palms at Crown.

You can purchase tickets here-