Rainstorms and strong winds to hit Greece this weekend


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Spring is here but it looks like winter weather is not over yet, as meteorologists are predicting intense rainfall and scattered rainstorms mostly in the western and the southern parts of Greece, and spreading throughout the country over the weekend.

According to the meteo service of the Athens National Observatory, on Friday, the bad weather will affect western, central and southern parts of Greece as far as Crete, while later in the evening it will also hit the Cycladic Islands.

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On Saturday, the adverse weather conditions will spread throughout the country, while on Sunday they will be temporarily limited to western and northern Greece and over the islands of eastern Aegean.

Regions to be hit the hardest by the adverse weather conditions include the island of Crete, the region of Attica and Athens in particular.

At the same time, very strong southeasterly winds could reach in some cases 9 on the Beaufort scale, while dust from Africa will settle mostly over the southern parts of the country.

According to the most recent forecast data, a new atmospheric disturbance is expected to bring rainfall as of Sunday evening.